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A right tool for your team training and onboarding 

Unlock your colleagues' and employees' creativity for up-skilling and knowledge sharing. Focus on the content, while our platform ensures its best delivery in a form of chat messages.

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Why companies choose us


People enjoy texting. Grant learners the freedom to react and consume information in small bits, just like when they text


Change and release updated content to employees in seconds via real-time synchronization of the app with content library


Modular system enables scalability up and down to meet the needs of large or small groups of learners. Set up modules for every department, role, or individual

Fast to create

Add new content in hours instead of weeks. Text-based delivery speeds up onboarding and training creation up to X500 times

User friendly

Mobile-first platform enables learning on-the-go that is essential for new hires and field employees

Easy to create

Text messages do not require fancy visuals, elegant design, or cool video effects. You only need to write text – and you know how to do it

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Provide content that you need

Corpedios can send messages, including:

  • open and closed questions

  • images

  • external links

  • videos

Design the learning path

The sequence of messages users receive depends on their responses and reactions. Create decision trees, loops or add hints for learners who need extra help

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Collect and analyse data

Add questionaries, tests, and easily collect responses for further analysis

Targeted Content

Learners only see materials they are entitled to. Two-factor verification by email and secret code guarantees that you provide only relevant content

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Get help of L&D professionals

Do not have an L&D team or your team is too busy? We can help. Contact us to learn more about end-to-end onboarding and training solutions.

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