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Build your first line of defense with compliance training

Embed compliance training into the routine of your employees. Because quarterly or annual compliance updates are not sufficient to protect your business. Misconducts and errors draw costly consequences for your company. Provide accessible and convenient access to mobile-first compliance training to hedge against such risks.  

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Capture changes and update training in one click

Have a policy change, safety rules revision, checklist updates, or other changes? No need to wait weeks before updating your compliance training. Corpedios platform enables you to update training in minutes. Just make changes and broadcast them to your employees in one click. Because delaying compliance updates is costly.

No more distance gap in compliance training

Reduce service disruptions by incorporating compliance training into the workflow. Let your employees train at their own pace at the time they want. Train remotely or at the desk with Corpedios mobile-first solution and ensure top compliance scores. 

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Track training completion data

Compliance is not where you want surprises. Monitor completion, track progress, collect feedback, and process gathered data to improve your compliance score with Corpedios analytics toolbox.  

Train multiple teams at the same time 

Have more than one team to train? Separate courses for different teams, depending on their roles, tasks, and business compliance needs. Create and assign individual courses to different teams or individuals using their email addresses. Produce as many separate courses as you need.  

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