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Boost customer experience via continuous customer education

How else can you cherish your customers? By holding their hand and educating them. Pick a topic to your customer's liking, design a learning course in minutes with Corpedios and share it with your clients. 

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Promote your brand with the exceptional customer training 

Stay in touch with your customers to stand out. Provide constant support beyond your product offering to educate your customers. Deliver training as if it were a dialog with your client via Corpedios platform. 

Build bridges with your clients by providing educational content

Get even closer to your clients by providing relevant training material. Educate your customers to boost loyalty and make them more confident product users. 

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Collect customer insights to expand your relationships

Monitor training completion, track progress, collect feedback and work through the data to improve your customer experience. Corpedios platform enables you to moderate training and update information based on customer feedback. 

Train and educate multiple teams at the same time 

Separate courses for different client groups, depending on their goals, product, and educational needs. Create and assign individual courses to different customer segments or individual customers using their email addresses. Make as many customer enablement courses as you need.  

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