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Cherish your clients with trained customer support service

Training your customer support agents translates into higher customer lifetime value as they choose to stay. Service your customers better by providing consistent and repetitive training to your support teams. Design training for phone, email, or face-to-face customer support agents

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Since every client is different, your training should be unique

Have a support request you've never had before? Collect the details of the most recent customer interactions from support agents and add them to the training immediately. Because our live synchronization enables edits and updates in one click.

Embed training into the workflow

Reduce service disruptions by incorporating training into the day-to-day routine of your support agents. Let agents train at their own pace at the time they want. Train remotely or at the desk with Corpedios mobile-first solution. 

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Track customer support data 

Enable your support agents to share service feedback by making notes directly in Corpedios app. Collect service notes and use that data to enrich your training.  

Train multiple teams at the same time 

Have more than one team to train? Separate courses for different support agents, depending on the type of support they provide. Create and assign individual courses to phone agents, email support agents, or face-to-face support teams. Produce as many separate courses as you need.  

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