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Offboard your talent gracefully and reinforce your company brand

Final impressions matter. Especially when the times are tough and decisions difficult. Offboard your departing talent gracefully to protect your brand, eliminate data leakages, and fortify your company's public image. 

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Don't burn bridges via exceptional employee offboarding 

The world is small. Now more than ever, preserving relationships with your departing colleagues is paramount. Corpedios platform enables you to wind down existing relationships without slamming the door. 

Retain expertise and ensure business continuity with tailored offboarding

Design an offboarding journey fitting your business and skill retention needs. Promote experience sharing and facilitate transparent handover to the talent that stays. Offboard each team individually, collect know-how and distribute it across the firm with Corpedios platform. 

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Track offboarding workflow and save critical business data

Track offboarding completion, collect and store business-related data. Fine-tune offboarding as it progresses with Corpedios' one-click synchronization. Bridge knowledge gaps between departing and staying employees, based on their feedback. Manage offboarding yourself or delegate it to team leads or supervisors. 

Provide offboarding to several teams simultaneously

At difficult times, you often need to make hard decisions. Provide a gratifying offboarding experience for your people. Offboard employees or teams as needed via unlimited separate offboarding processes. 

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