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Spend 50% less on getting new hires up-to-speed

For businesses, we design end-to-end digital onboarding of new talent starting from the first interview

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Most businesses spend 4-5 months to get a combat-ready teammate on board

2-4 months

to find the perfect fit...

...losing precious time and sacrificing value that could be generated in the meantime

1-2 months

on onboarding...

...when the new talent is "paid to learn", squandering tight salary budgets

Circa 21%

of yearly salary paid before new hires start contributing to the top and bottom lines

Not anymore!

Your business can avoid wasting at least half of that time and money with turn-key mobile onboardings


What if... you could start onboarding new talent the moment you've selected the pool of candidates?


What if... your new teammates felt included, were confident, and equipped to contribute already on the first day – minimizing the hiring cost for your business?


What if... you could save your business from bleeding money on hiring and diminish the cost of getting new talent to full speed?

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Check Maturity Level of Your Employee Onboarding Process

Answer questions of our chatbot below to see the results

Onboarding Maturity
How it works

We designed 3 steps to squeze hiring cost of your business by half

  • Pre-onboarding

  • Onboarding

  • Coaching


Reduce the stress and anxiety of the first day, week, and month and get motivated and equipped to deliver teammates already on the first day


Let us help you design all communications with candidates – from the job listing to the final offer


Use our chatbot-based mobile app to share non-sensitive business information already during the interview process


When job offer is accepted, share relevant business information with new hires before the start date and minimize "pay-to-learn" time

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Leverage the experience your new hires gained during pre-onboarding to get them up-to-speed fast


We structure your onboarding – analyze your content, prepare materials for new hires, split content into modules and deliver to your teams via a chatbot-based mobile app


Use our app-based chatbots as interactive FAQs – a single source of truth in your organization – to reduce 'fact-find hassle' for existing and new talent


Test new employees performance as-they-go and provide help immediately or let us manage it


Quoting Andy Grove – the Father of OKRs – “All you can do to improve the output of an employee is motivate and train. There is nothing else”. Here is how we help.


Deliver learning via chatbots and steal screen time from Youtube – 5min/day is what your talent needs to stay on top of things


Leverage your company-specific knowledge and our know-how to tailor chatbot-based learning for your business needs


Use our off-the-shelf chatbot-based courses and enjoy a 5x higher completion rate

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Meet The Team


Vitaly Shtan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Leads customer excellence and relationship development leveraging his experience in financial markets and consulting. Co-founder of an educational and onboarding SaaS "Chat-with-Eddy". Advised 2014 Olympic Committee and held investment-related roles at IFC (WBG) and Credit Suisse. INSEAD MBA


Victoria Petrova

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Digital transformation expert and a product strategy consultant across selected startups in Europe. Co-founder of an educational and onboarding SaaS "Chat-with-Eddy". Headed automotive vertical at as a CPO. Master's Degree at MSU and INSEAD MBA.


JunJie Liu

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Seasoned EdTech expert, developed global employee onboarding strategy at AXA. Junjie led edX in China as a Country Manager and held VP role at Harvard China Education Symposium. Designed MOOCs and developed content. Harvard MS and INSEAD MBA. 

Our Services

We design end-to-end onboarding process that fit your business and talent profile

We provide a chatbot-platform in the mobile app, designed to coach your talent and streamline communication with your prospects and new hires

We create content for your onboarding and coaching needs:
– savvy chatbots,
– dynamic FAQs,

– how-to-do videos

We work with your current talent for sharing their know-how with future teammates and feature your internal experts in onboarding content

We provide a simple tool where you and your teams can create and administer in-house content

We share our off-the-shelf chatbot-based courses on the most demanded professional topics: Product Management, Negotiations, Diversity&Inclusion, Cognitive Biases, Deal Structuring

What is here for you

Do not waste time

It takes 40-80 hours to create 1 hour of educational content in an e-learning format. Let us worry about that

Do not lose money

Stop "paying-to-learn" – instead, get new talent up to speed while they are still going through recruitment

Do not be static

Traditional e-learning onboarding is archaic and not adaptable – our solution is fluid and shaped to meet the changing needs of your business, anytime

Do not lose talent to competitors

Establish rapport between teams and new talent early by sharing stories and anecdotes. Show your care, establish trust, and win top-notch talent.

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