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Case Study - Chevron

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Learn how Chevron enabled onshore security training for its oil rigs employees and ensured that the oil rigs staff is alert on the most recent sound codes.

Chevron is a global energy company with an HQ in San Ramon, California, and operating in more than 150 countries.

INDUSTRY | Oil & Gas

LOCATION | San Ramon, California


SOLUTIONS | Corpedios, Field Staff Security Training

The Challenge

Chevron's security department needed to launch training on alarm systems for its oil rig employees. While alarm systems are tested periodically on the oil platform, a costly tendency to neglect such training takes place, becuase alarms are loud and deprive shift employees of night sleep.

Security is the main concern of the oil rig operations at Chevron due to the significant environmental, social and financial cost of error.

Before getting a job on the rig, Chevron employees complete massive security training. Part of the training covers an alarm system, where each alert type is prompted by a different sound code. Gas leaks, evacuation, fire emergencies, potential blowouts, and a call to resume work have unique sound codes.

Since the alarm does not go off frequently, the employees often confuse sound codes of particular events. Since the failure to react to the single code costs companies 700$ per minute, Chevron wanted to ascertain that rig employees know how to act in an emergency case.

The Solution

Corpedios developed a training, using alarm codes and prompting the oil rig crew to respond to a set of questions after hearing alarm codes. The questions check employees' ability to take action upon hearing a particular voice code. Only upon achieving an accuracy rate of 100% would employees be set to embark on the rig for their shift.

The shift supervisor at Chevron can change voice codes and prompts to actions daily, as he sees fit, to keep employees alert and not to make the task repetitive.


Provided repetitive access to crucial security training otherwise frequently ignored to 200 crew members. Course completion is 100%

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