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Case Study - trember

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Learn how trember hired and onboarded 100 employees in three months without expanding its HR team. trember is a Video Communication company established in Berlin and is a Video Communication choice of Siemens.

INDUSTRY | Video Communication

LOCATION | Berlin, Germany


SOLUTIONS | Employee Onboarding

After a subsequent financing round, trember needed to hire and bring 100 new joiners across the company to full speed over 3 months. trember only had 2 people in HR, so they first needed to hire a recruiter to complete hiring and onboarding. trember came to Corpedios with the request to develop an employee onboarding solution to streamline the onboarding funnel.


New hires onboarding operations at trember were uncomplicated. HR communicated with candidates starting with a Welcome Email, which contained most of the information the candidates would need. The Welcome Email commenced the onboarding, which included job interviews, completion of the candidate’s profile, distribution of non-sensitive company data with all candidates, and post-job-offer onboarding of new hires. This onboarding model worked well for trember, but it wasn't scalable. As the candidate pool grew, HR had to feverishly onboard 100 candidates manually. Such modus operandi prompted trember to revisit its approach.

Another complication was a massive amount of fragmented onboarding data available in-house. trember hired Corpedios to work through that data and make it instrumental in boosting candidates' impressions about the company to win the best talent.


After the onboarding diagnostic by Corpedios, trember realized that it should inverse the onboarding procedure at the company. Instead of outbound onboarding, trember pivoted to an inbound approach, providing candidates with a way to onboard trember on their own. By reversing the equation, the company executed massive onboarding without hiring extra people for HR.

Corpedios team worked through company presentations, multimedia, admin, legal, and business side of trember onboarding. Corpedios team worked through massive fragmented data and structured it into a decision-tree-based chatbot, delivering every bit of trember's onboarding data invitingly. Candidates started with basics such as "How to Start an Online Application" and went on to more intimate topics such as "Life Hack from your Future Colleagues"

Candidates learned company processes, policies, and procedures, and were trained in trember's way before their start date. Onboarding covered non-sensitive information, which could be shared with candidates, leaving sensitive and secure company data only to those who received a job offer.

Corpedios enabled trember to benefit from the Zeigarnik Effect and the Endowment effect. First, at the pre-onboarding, the candidates had started on specific tasks but didn't complete them. Unfinished tasks prompted the candidates to come back to what they had started. Second, when successful candidates received a job offer, they were emotionally invested in the company (and valued it more) thanks to pre-onboarding.


  • Hired 100 employees in 3 months without expanding recruitment and HR team

  • Achieved a 90% increase in job offer acceptance rate (measured as a % increase in accepted job offers by candidates who went through pre-onboarding compared to those without across 2 campaigns).

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