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Reach and train your sales teams even when they travel

Train your sales team when they travel to meet clients or prospects. Because your product updates and new releases should not fall into the cracks of a busy sales team's agenda. No need to wait weeks before sales teams return to the office. Equip your sales teams with fresh-from-the-oven info about your new products with Corpedios sales training.  

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Assure that customers receive the most accurate sales pitch

Corpedios platform ensures that traveling sales teams never miss updates from headquarters. Our live synchronization allows you to add new feature releases, policy updates, product specification requirements, and technical documentation changes into an existing sales training in one click. Want to ensure that your clients get the most accurate info? Start with your sales

Train sales team and onboard prospects

Help your sales team by bringing prospective clients closer. Employ Corpedios platform to demonstrate your product demo to prospects and nurture your sales opportunities.

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Track sales meeting data 

Enable your traveling sales team to share meeting minutes with HQ by making notes directly in Corpedios app. Line up your sales team and HQ on the lead or opportunity status without a myriad of emails. Corpedios allows you to streamline each meeting into a separate client note. 

Train multiple teams at the same time 

Have more than one team to train? Separate courses for different sales teams, depending on the product, region, or industry classification. Create and assign a course to teams or individual salesmen using their email addresses. Create as many separate courses as you need.  

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Already Trusted By the team in Aqua Deliciae

Case in Point 

Aqua Deliciae initially came to Corpedios with the request to develop a training system for the sales reps. Aqua Deliciae wanted its sales to get involved with post-sales customer support. 


Status Quo

Since its inception in 2004, Aqua Deliciae has built a significant customer base without forming a large in-house sales team. Most of the sales are from repeat clients, who purchased a water purification system and need to replace filters every 12-18 months.



Aqua Deliciae services roughly 470 households across Germany. Since the company doesn't have a dedicated customer support team, Aqua Deliciae needed a solution to handle customers' requests for filter replacement and servicing. 




The Solution 

During the diagnostic, Corpedios team looked at the frequency and type of customer requests, which needed to be handled by the support team. The diagnostic revealed that most customers could replace filters without seeking help but preferred to call a support line and order a maintenance service at extra cost. 


Corpedios team looked at product-specific data: type of purification systems, details on spare parts, replacement elements, usage manuals, list of most frequent problems, questions, and answers. Corpedios helped Aqua Deliciae to collect and prepare that data internally. Corpedios team analyzed, segmented, and structured the data and rolled out a chat-based customer support system for all Aqua Deliciae customers. 


Aqua Deliciae nudged its customers to onboard at Corpedios by offering a free membrane filter replacement (costing the company EUR 14) to everyone willing to install and login on to the app. Over three months, Aqua Deliciae onboarded 79% of its customers to Corpedios.



  •  Saved 95K EUR per year on a customer support team

  • Customer complaints decreased by 73% (based on the number of service complaint calls per month, measured over 6 months post-launch)

  • Onboarded circa 80% of end-customers to the solution in 3 months

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